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Hello Adventurers, Welcome to our Interlude Custom Server
Our Latest Patch And Join Our Community!


OPENED 17/4/23

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To connect to our server you need to Create an Acount

Please Enter a valid Email for comfirmation

New system patch 2023/04/16

Download L2DarkNick system patch

Put the folder L2DarkNick in your main Lineage 2 folder.
Only With Our system you can play in our Server.

If system crash, download this

Lineage II Interlude Official Client:


Linenage 2 DarkNick, is here to bring a new era to the meaning of a Craft-PvP Server. No over enchant donation rewards, dress me engine only for those who want it enabled, easy farm and blocked adrenaline,tower and all new bot programs.


Please Try to follow these rules or Penalties will be enforced.

  • Pk at teleport points where players spawn is not allowed.

  • Killing the same player over & over is not allowed. Player's gameplay is affected and it won't be tolerated.

  • PK and PvP to the rest of the world is allowed.

  • Threats & bad language won't be tolerated.

  • Offensive nicks, titles, clan names are not accepted. They will be changed by us

  • Bot & Third Party Programs are not allowed.

  • Do Not Beg Administrators for Items, Enchant Items, Teleport, Exp, etc.

  • Impersonating an Administrator is a Bannable Offense.

  • This server is not private for 1 clan or 1 ally.. So Understand That..

  • Respect Other Players & Administrators

  • Olympiad Feed is not allowed.. Points will be zeroed..

  • PvP/Pk Feed is not allowed.

  • Do not give your Username or Password. Administrators never ask for them.

  • Administators are not responsible for Item loss, do not ask Items back from them.
  • If you do not accept these terms.. Search for another Server.


    By donating any amount to L2DarkNick you automatically agree to the following

    1.You do not purchase any product or service.
    2.All donations are final and non-refundable
    3.You understand that this is a voluntary donation.
    4.Any attempt to fraud donation system will lead to permanent removal of your account(s).

    For each 0.25€ or 0.26$ or 0.21£ obtain 1 Donation Coin.
    You can exchange this Coin ingame from donation shop.

    Donations are mainly used to keep the server alive

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